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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Social Network Movie - Looks Great!

I am rarely excited about a film that is coming out as much as The Social Network.  I think it is partially because I watched the Facebook story unfold from the beginning and saw what happened as an outsider (or at least someone on the sidelines that was as active as I could be).   I also read the book that the movie was based upon, and think it probably tells a pretty accurate story.   I would first start with saying that if you have the time and interest, the book

The story is really compelling and the book was an amazing read. I realize many of the Facebook insiders and friends have been critical of the book, mostly because the motivator for building the Facebook was not women and drinking, as much as the book wants it to be.   The bigger story is how much Mark was focused on building this application and how he figured out how to build a really amazing business.

I do think the downside to telling the story is it does taint the purity and glamor of Mark Zuckerburg and the Facebook.   It is clear that Mark was agressive and probably overstepped some bounds.   What they did to Edwardo Savirn is probably what any business person would do, but just feels like it is wrong.

Anyway, watch the trailer, it tells you the basic story...

Then, if you want to see something really funny and something that shows the power of the web...  Watch this mock-trailer about the Twitter movie...  It is brilliant!

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