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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Comcast Is Really Annoying Me!

Here are photos of the Comcast Cable lines that have been down in our backyard since late July/early August.  I have called Comcast customer service at least every 2-3 weeks for the past 6-months and everytime they say they have no idea that this was a problem and then guarantee that this time they will fix the problem.

When I call again in a few weeks the service rep usually says something like 'I can't see any tickets open' or 'I see something in your account, but blah blah blah' as if the problem is new or in my mind.

I finally got so fed up that I got the CSR's name and info last time so I called that same rep back a few weeks after they were 'guaranteed' to have the SWAT team on the problem, and he said the ticket was closed out because the 'lines were fine according to the service tech.'

Well, they are not fine, they are hanging about 3 feet off the ground.   There is no other place in Alexandria where the lines are so low.   Verizon has said they can't fix the phone lines until Comcast gets their act together and fixes the wires that are hanging low.

With the winter weather and snow, now they are banging against the fence, which causes our HD to go out and my cable to drop.  Since Verizon is so much more responsive than Comcast, I ordered Verizon DSL to have because the Comcast cable was going out as the lines were hanging on the ground.   I probably will cancel Comcast as soon as I can get DirectTV somehow working, or if I can get FIOS finally.

I figure I pay Comcast about $250 per month at least, and they can't give me the courtasy to come out and fix the problem, or even call me back and tell me what is going on.

I get a strange sense that they send out their worthless road service team, and these guys are so lazy they see that the project is going to be a lot of work, so they just say it was fixed.   Comcast needs to fire all their road crew and hire a new team, they are the worst in the industry!

This is rare, but I am really pissed off!

A few interesting stats associated with this problem...

- First call to Comcast was 6-months ago
- I have called the Comcast 800 support line 18 times
- I have been told 5 times that I was having my issue escalated
- I have been promised by the Comcast CSR that the problem would be solved in 48-hours, which was a combined 8,000 hours ago - if you compound the waiting time.
- Comcast has apologized 13 times
- I have been told my issue has been fixed 9 times
- I have paid Comcast $1,500 during that period of time.
- Everyone I have told about this problem says 'Oh that is just Comcast'

Here are photos of the cable lines that are hanging low, in case they decide to say there is nothing wrong with them again.

Wires hanging low:

Here is our neighbors cable line, which seems to be hanging much higher...


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