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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Study - The State of the Blogosphere

Another interesting report out from eMarketer this week for your pile of things to read this weekend. I do think the increased number of reports that we are seeing that are relevant to our business model does speak to the fact that we are in the right space.

This is an updated study that looks at the size of blogs, trends in personal publishing and how it fits into social networking.

I found a few interesting points that really hit home:

  • 112MM users read blogs in the US today (about 50% of the total audience)
  • Estimates increase blog readership to 60% by 2014
  • 26MM people blog (have an active blog) - note we believe there are over 100MM blogs online today, though most are inactive or have no traffic
  • Blogging is up overall, though younger segments are less likely to blog now there are social networking platform
  • The shift in younger audience is not really a loss of blogging, it is more technology coming in to solve a problem that was being temporarily solved via a blogging platform
  • In 2009, of the 'US Social Media Users', over 85% used Facebook, 46% used MySpace (down about 35% versus 2009), and 15% blogged
  • Rates of blog reading will rise through 2014. The increases will be driven by a confluence between blogs and traditional media and by growing use of corporate blogs.
  • Social media will steer traffic to blog sites. However, this will be a double-edged sword, as social venues also inhibit blogging by providing users with powerful platforms of self-expression.
  • Blogging platform Typepad estimated that including a Facebook “like” widget to a blog sidebar resulted in a 50% increase in traffic from Facebook to that blog.
  • Adding the Facebook widget to blog post footers resulted in a 200% traffic increase.

Understanding the Blogosphere

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