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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seems Racist To Me...

I received this email to sign-up for a MyLikes ad campaign this evening.  The campaign (as with any MyLikes campaign) wants me to promote the advertiser via social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.   In the past MyLikes has worked with a broad range of advertisers such as Tabasco, Gatorade, and Duracell.   I never really liked MyLikes because it seems like they are 'pimping out' their audience to the highest bidder, and though I am not that important, they have done a great job of sending me crap and trying to sell me to any advertiser that might be interested, even if it makes zero sense.   Why would I want to promote Secret deodorant or even Swifter cleaning supplies.

I am interested in these business models, and have been trying to get involved in opportunities to leverage any influence I might have, though limited.   I have worked with social advertising aggregators such as BuzzAgent and even IZEA.   Though most of these experiences have been mediocre at best, my experience with trying to promote some of the advertisers via MyLikes has been terrible.   Working with MyLikes, I have posted opinions about certain brands, to not only see a very critical response from my followers, but lost more followers on Twitter that day than any other day in the history of me being on Twitter.

So tonight I was lucky enough to get an even worse offer from MyLikes.   This offer came via email and was for me to run a social promotion for a Facebook marketer.   The problem is the ad is not only for a crappy low end app or dating company, it is racist.

Look at the offer below and tell me if you diagree...

I would love to see companies like MyLikes do well, but they are not getting very far with this crap.

Here is the actual ad they want me to promote to my friends and family.   I guarantee I would not only lose followers, but probably neighbors and friends also...

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