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Monday, March 14, 2011

Younger Brother Caught Stealing Donuts...

I was cleaning up my younger sons (Stryde/4yo) bedroom and came across an empty box of Hostess Powdered Donettes (which are his favorite breakfast and afternoon snack), that we had bought the day before.    We had bought the donuts for his older brother (Dryver/6yo) to take to school for his class to share.

At first I thought the box was old and there was no way he could have possibly eaten an entire box of donuts by himself.   Then I saw a trail of powdered sugar that went from his bedroom all the way down to the kitchen.

I followed the trail, seeing hand-prints of powdered sugar all over the house, including a stop in the bathroom and even a stop in the broom closet (I am not sure why he was in there).

Well, I finally found the end of the sugar trail and found Stryde 'red-handed', so to speak, and confronted the suspect with the evidence.   Having been taught well from many legendary criminals of our times, he had a good defense.

Check out the video for yourself...

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