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Friday, December 06, 2013

Holiday "healthy living" tips

Holiday "healthy living" tips

Here are a few of my holiday tips to help you have a better relationship with food (and your body) when you may feel a bit overwhelmed or anxious around so many "occasional" eats:    1) Thank your body 2) Plan for a workout on the day after the meal (how about my 1 hour  Trainer workout  on Triathlete Magazine online?) 3) Yum when you eat 4) Don't lecture others about what they are eating 5) If someone lectures you about what you shouldn't eat, start yumming 6) Find a recipe that intimidates you and go for it! You will really appreciate home cooking when you take the time to prepare a recipe from start to end. 7) Create a plant strong meal. Bulk up on your veggies and portion out a little of...Read More
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