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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

[Webinar] How Employees at BMW Drive Awareness...

Learn how BMW drafts in behind employees already on social media.

[Webinar] How Employees at BMW Drive Awareness...

BMW, now celebrating its 100th year, leads the way in everything it does, whether it’s industrial design, customer service or marketing. Andrew Cutler, Executive and Internal Communications Manager at BMW North America, wanted to ensure that BMW communications also lead the way in the new socially-enabled world. Mr. Cutler also wanted to help drive awareness and increase authentic engagement on social media. He knew that better informing and empowering his employees as brand advocates could solve both problems. Join Dynamic Signal's VP of Marketing, Dave Hawley, on June 30th at 10:00am PT as he talks with Andrew Cutler about: How BMW NA transforms internal communications into an engagement and awareness tool How to draft in behind...Read More
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