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Thursday, April 19, 2007

An Open Letter To Senator Obama...

Senator Obama. I am putting in a formal request online to add you as my friend on MySpace

Now, you probably are asking yourself… ‘Who is this Jim Larrison guy, and why is he adding me as a friend?’

I guess you are right in some sense. We have never formally met, but I must admit I do think of you as a friend. Maybe that is strange, but…

Let me tell you why I think we are friends....

+ Friends are people that look out for each other. You have shown that you are looking out for me and all my friends and family at all times!

+ Friends are people that are willing to stand up and say something when you might be scared to say it yourself. Well, there is no question that you are willing to stand up and say what we all want to say!

+ Friends are people you trust with your lives. Who should we trust more than someone we want to to run our country and lead us into the future?

+ Friends are people that would come to you at a time of need. You have come to all of us at a time of need.

So, maybe we have never formally met. Maybe we have not gone out to a ball game or to dinner. But, those things are all small compared to the impact you have already made on our lives.

Please consider this when deciding if you would add me as a friend. Oh, and by the way, I would love to go to a ball game with you one day. Maybe in ten years or so when you are out of the White House, and have some free time, we can go see the Cubs. They might be in the World Series by then.

Take care my friend! Jimmy

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