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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hit'em Back!

This is really good. This family had their Obama sign stolen from their front yard, as did many in the neighborhood. There have been reports of signs being taken, but mostly because people wanted them for their own yard.

But in this case, the sign theif was a McPalin supporter, because they also spray painted many of the other Obama signs in the neighborhood.

To retailiate against this idiot (not sure if they are an idiot for stealing a sign at 2am or for supporting McCain) they put up their own sign. This is really great!

A quote from their blog:

Someone stole our Obama for President sign from our yard last night. They stole nearly all the Obama signs in our neighborhood. The ones they didn't take they spray-painted black. So I made this sign today and staked it in the yard. I fully expect it to be trashed by morning. At least they know the result of their pranks: we give more money to Obama's campaign.

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