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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Real America

This video really amazing to watch, knowing there are many more like it that didn't make their way to YouTube. The McCain campaign is really headed down a slippery slope, and they need to put a stop to it (which Senator McCain is trying to do in this video.) The problem is there are so many people that support an Anti-Obama ticket, which happens to be McCain. When I think about it this could have been almost anyone (even David Duke?), and actually think that you could put almost any candidate in McCain's chair and they would have automatically 30-40% of the vote.

Why do I say this? Because our country is still back-assward. We are a bunch of terrified people that live in the middle of the country and are scared as hell of change and anything (emphasis on anything) different. For good or bad, our country has a bunch of people that have never experienced much outside of their 20 mile radius of their home town.

The charm of America is a boy growing up in a small town in Middle America, working for his dad in the hardware store when he gets older, and then marrying Susie Jane and having 3 kids and a dog and taking over dad's store. Actually, this is the picture that Palin is trying to draw. Of course it is more like a divorced family, with a step-dad that beats his son for not cleaning his room. He was laid off from the local manufacturer because his job was sent to Mexico, and is working at the local Bennigan's, which is ironic because it is to help his son pay for him to go out with his friends at the mall on the weekends. His son is on a handful of drugs, including trying heroin and meth. The 16-year old daughter is pregnant, and the dog craps on the neighbors yard every morning.

Anyway, I think this video is really scary. These people at the McCain rallies are getting more and more vocal and yelling out really nutty things. It is a sign of panic (off with his head one guy yells out) and we all know it is because Obama is black. That's it, it isn't any more complicated or any more simple, he is a black man and is damn scary to all of these folks that really were brought up to be wary (aka hate) black people.

If you watch this video, and interject in everything each person is saying 'he is black' you get the real story. The guy that says 'We are scared of Obama...' just add in 'because he is black' and you have the full picture.

These vocal folks are just the tip of the iceberg and I am getting really nervous that we are headed to a really tense situation in our country. There is hatred in what these people are saying. There is real deep down fear in what these people are saying. If you mix fear and hatred, and maybe a six-pack of beer, you have a real problem.

I love Obama. I have never been so excited about a candidate for president in my life. I did love, and will continue to love William J. Clinton, but Obama is another man and another leader. He can do amazing things for our country, and will make sure my kids have the life that I had, if not better.

Watch this video and tell me if I am being overly sensitive, or if we are really in for a real test of America and what we are, and what we strive to be!

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